new things | MOST USED IN APRIL

What better way to launch back into regular blog posts than a favourites post? I have a list of six items I have been using non-stop for the past few months to be honest, but let's call it April favourites.


Normally when brands release their special holiday sets around this time of year, I am fully prepared and waiting impatiently (ahem... the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit for example, which hopefully you will see on this blog very soon). However this wasn't the case with this year's Benefit holiday sets, but luckily one of the lovely girls on the counter in Ballantynes made some serious eye contact with me as I was walking past, and helped me pick out this beauty, the 'Real Cheeky Party Blushing Beauty Kit'. 

new things | A HAUL FROM SEPHORA!

There are no Sephora stores in New Zealand. The closest one to us kiwi girls is in Sydney, although there are talks of a Melbourne store opening soon (super exciting). Not only are we deprived of a physical store, but the US Sephora site will not ship to New Zealand. However I managed to slip one past them when I placed a recent order with them, by using 'Ship it to'. I only ordered a few things, which was a mistake as I have since tried to order from Sephora again and it did not work. Here are the few things I did manage to get my hands on, and the general overview of how freight forwarding companies like 'Shipito' work.

favourites | MOST USED IN JULY

This month I started a new job. While I settle into my new (super busy) schedule, I have been keeping it pretty easy and minimal on the makeup front, because sometimes sleep is more important. Thus this months favourites posts is a shorter one than usual.


Kmart has really stepped up its game in every department. I will never buy my socks anywhere else ($3 for 3 pairs!), and I seriously suggest checking out their range of workout gear. However more importantly, they stock a whole lot of acrylic makeup and beauty storage. I have been browsing the shelves at the Kmart in Westfield Riccarton mall, and picked up a couple of these plastic beauties. They feel sturdy, well-made, and are very affordable.

empties | JULY 2015

I wouldn't call myself a hoarder. While I do keep a backup of my favourite skincare and beauty items, I get a real kick out of throwing things away (is that weird?). So it has been hard for me to keep hold of all my rubbish in order to accumulate enough empty products to share with you all today. I guess there will be a little bit of delayed gratification when I dump all these in the recycling bin as soon as this post has been typed up. So here is a general overview/review of all the things I have used up over the past few months.


Australis have really got a good thing going in their Velourlips Matte Cream range. Lip products are my greatest weakness, and if I like the formula of a lip colour, odds are I won't stop at owning just one. It's safe to say I really, really like these, since of the fifteen shades available, I own nine, enough to warrant the first 'collection' post on the blog.